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The dryer vent is one of the primary appliance inside our houses that most of us overlook its maintenance. You have to get it properly maintained, or it can turn into a severe fire threat for your family. If you want effective dryer vent cleaning service, count on 911 Dryer Vent Cleaning Greatwood TX.

The Dangers Of Dryer Vent

According to the fire administration, there is about 2k house fires happen yearly out of dryer vents. These fires lead to severe loss, whether money, property, or even lives. The number one reason behind such fires is the failure to clean the vent out of lint buildup. This doesn't mean cleaning the lint trap only.

Even if you clean the lint trap regularly after every load & usage, flammable lint will still be there, which can build up more & more with time. Therefore, this case's ideal solution is calling a professional dryer vent cleaning service as 911 Dryer Vent Cleaning Greatwood TX. With us, you are always safe!

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How To Know Your Dryer Is Clogged?

There are some clear signs that you can tell through it if your dryer is a fire danger or not. For instance, if a toy found that your dryer takes more than one cycle to dry up your clothes, you have a dangerous clog! This clog will shorten the lifespan of your dryer & also your clothes.

Also, you will cost lots of money wasted on high utility bills. If the dryer is hot to touch &, as a result, heat the laundry room & the entire house, call us. All these signs reflect that you have a serious clog or any other hidden problem that requires our entry. Count on 911 Dryer Vent Cleaning Greatwood TX's professionals.

When To Call Our Professionals

If you noticed any of the past signs on your clothes dryer, give us a call right away. The malfunctioning dryer is the key sign that something is going wrong. Dryer vent cleaning is as essential as having your appliance professionally installed. For that, you will find 911 Dryer Vent Cleaning Greatwood TX always available to give you a hand when you need it.

Our certified technicians know the proper tools and techniques to clean up your unit. Also, if you want to install a new dryer, we are ready! We know what the ideal length, diameter, & location for safe and effective dryer installation are. We can finish this job in one visit; call us today in Greatwood, Texas & avoid dangerous DIYs.

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